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Tuesday, December 22

First post

Bienvenidos a mi blog!
En este espacio compartiré con vosotros mis proyectos e ideas.

Nací en Moscú (Rusia). Soy ingeniera informática, trabajo en Barcelona y vivo en el Maresme. Dedico todo mi tiempo libre a pasear, hacer jardinería y manualidades.

Me gusta bordar, coser, hacer ganchillo, punto, pintar acuarelas y crear joyas. No me considero una experta en cada cosa, pero me divierte mucho probar nuevas técnicas y materiales.



Welcome to my new blog!
I will use it as a way to share my projects and inspirations with others.

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I am a software engineer living in Barcelona. I work only half-time so I have got plenty of free time and I spend every minute of it doing some type of handiwork.

I adore embroidery, sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting watercolors and making jewelry. I don't pretend to be an expert at any of it, but I do enjoy attempting new skills and techniques. Everything handmade has always been my passion!

Hope you enjoy this blog!


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