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Tuesday, December 29

Hanging Sachet

One of the last projects of this year - hanging sachet with crocheted applique.
I made it with pure linen fabric for the pillow cover and lightweight cotton fabric for the inner pillow. I always try to use inner pillows for my sachets because the perfume of lavender buds tends to fade with time and an inner pillow allows you refresh your sachet with fresh lavender quiet easily. It is also useful if you need to wash the sachet for some reason.
This sachet has a simple envelope closure.
I gave it as a Christmas gift to my mother, but I am going to make some more similar items for my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, December 22

Next project for Etsy

I just have finished one of my next projects for Etsy - a needlebook. I have never done this kind of things before but it only takes a little more time to make then a pincushion.
I used one of my favourite cotton fabrics for the outer side, I adore these roses.

First post

Bienvenidos a mi blog!
En este espacio compartiré con vosotros mis proyectos e ideas.

Nací en Moscú (Rusia). Soy ingeniera informática, trabajo en Barcelona y vivo en el Maresme. Dedico todo mi tiempo libre a pasear, hacer jardinería y manualidades.

Me gusta bordar, coser, hacer ganchillo, punto, pintar acuarelas y crear joyas. No me considero una experta en cada cosa, pero me divierte mucho probar nuevas técnicas y materiales.



Welcome to my new blog!
I will use it as a way to share my projects and inspirations with others.

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I am a software engineer living in Barcelona. I work only half-time so I have got plenty of free time and I spend every minute of it doing some type of handiwork.

I adore embroidery, sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting watercolors and making jewelry. I don't pretend to be an expert at any of it, but I do enjoy attempting new skills and techniques. Everything handmade has always been my passion!

Hope you enjoy this blog!