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Tuesday, May 18

Nuevas telas - New fabrics

He comprado nuevas telas para mis proyectos, esta vez en azul. Las tres tienen preciosos estampados florales o rayas, perfectos para pequeñas creaciones como alfileteros o saquitos de lavanda.


I bought some more fabrics for my projects, this time blue ones. All three of them have vintage floral or stripes patterns, perfect for small projects like pincushions and sachets.

Thursday, May 13

Mi pequeña familia de alfileteros - My Pincushions Family

Estas son mis últimas creaciones para mi tienda on Etsy - unos adorables alfileteros. Todos son combinaciones de lino en color natural y algodon con bónitos estampados florales. Algunos tienen botones de madreperla o madera y encaje.


These are my latest creations for my Etsy shop - cute little pincushions. All of them combine linen and cotton fabrics. I also used applique for some, mother of pearl and wooden buttons and lace.

I will be listing them soon.

Thursday, February 11

Crocheted bobby pins

I think I am turning addicted to crochet. Yesterday I spend three hours crocheting non-stop and now I fill my fingers somewhat tired and inflated.
Really I like more doing small things like flowers or appliques, I just don't have enough patience for a big project.
These bobby pins were finished some days ago. They were crocheted with 100% cotton thread and embellished with tiny pearls. A good start for my Hair Accessories Section on Etsy :)

Tuesday, February 2

Crochet flowers

I have been doing these crochet flowers during the last weeks just for fun. May be I'll embellish them with beads and transform them into flower brooches for my jewelry shop. I think they are also beautiful adorning a sachet, a knitted hat, a pillowcase...

Monday, February 1

New fabrics

A few days ago I discovered a new hobby shop in Barcelona with a beautiful selection of French country style fabrics. I bought some for my future projects and just can not wait to start!

Tuesday, January 19

New collection!

I have just listed the first ring from the new collection for my jewelry shop on Etsy. Now there are also a new Rings section as I will be adding more items this week.

Friday, January 8

Back to work!

Now I am back from my vacation and ready to work! I have not done anything new these holidays, but I have some new projects in mind and I am already waiting for supplies to come. I have ordered a lot of new things for my jewelry shop, so check back often to have a first look on my future items!

Happy 2010!

Last listing for 2009

This is my last Etsy listing for 2009 - a beautiful pincushion in three different fabrics:
I bought the green one months ago without any project in mind just because I liked it a lot. The beige one is pure linen. The back of the pincushion is a soft pink cotton (not seen on the photo). But the thing I like most is a tiny satin ribbon rose which adorns the hanger!